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About Utsav
India's social community platform for Faith and Divinity.
Find the community of your nearest Temple or Favorite God. Offer prayer, e-Dakshina & listen to devotional content all in one app.
Become a part of 1000+ Religious & spiritual communities from across India. Find people devoted to your favorite god and build your community on Utsav.
Take part in Religious events from most famous Temples across India & offer prayer with e-Dakshina. Enjoy pravachan sessions from Gurus, Pandits & Priests from renowned places like ISKCON, Kashi, Vrindavan, Maharashtra & West Bengal.
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Why Utsav ?
Utsav is India's community social platform for Faith & Divnity.
Utsav helps spiritual communities & religious organisations build a digital counterpart to
  • Better connect with their followers across the world
  • Share/consume content
  • Collect online e-dakshina
  • Participate in religious events.
Download Utsav to become a part of India's largest spiritual network!
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My Temple & Festivals
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