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Mahalaxmi Temple Online Puja | महालक्ष्मी मंदिर ऑनलाइन पूजा


Naivedya Seva at ₹551/-Utsav Kriya Image

Naivedya Seva at ₹551/-

In Naivedya Seva, devotees can offer fruits, curd, rice and other ingredients at all times of the day in morning, afternoon as well as evening. Additionally, pooja is also done where people tell their name and gotra. It is believed that offering food to God washes away all your sins. ...show more

Maha Pooja with Vastra & NaivedyaUtsav Kriya Image

Maha Pooja with Vastra & Naivedya

This pooja is the most special feature of Mahalaksmi Temple. It is done once a week. Hundreds of devotees come to offer pooja and witness the scene. ...show more

Maha Abhishek Seva at ₹851/-Utsav Kriya Image

Maha Abhishek Seva at ₹851/-

Abhishekam to Goddess Mahalakshmi is a very popular ritual. Often, Panchamrutam is offered to Ma Lakshmi, it is a delicacy prepared by mixing milk, ghee, curd, honey and sugar. Bathing Ma Lakshmi Idol with these ingredients is believed to purify the idol....show more

Maha Abhishek with Vastra at ₹1351/-Utsav Kriya Image

Maha Abhishek with Vastra at ₹1351/-

In this seva, "vastra" is offered to Goddess Lakshmi. "Vastra" means clothes, beautiful saree is offered along with Panchamrutam. As abhishekham ritual is compulsory, so the delicacy made of curd, honey, milk, sugar is prepared and offered. In addition to this, special puja is done....show more

Visesh Vastradan with Abhishek PujaUtsav Kriya Image

Visesh Vastradan with Abhishek Puja

For Visesh Vastradan Puja, saree is offered to Devi Mahalaxmi while performing Abhishek Puja with Naivedyam. The saree is then packed and sent to your address with your box of prasad. This Puja is done only once a week for Hundreds of devotees....show more

Masik Puja

Masik PujaUtsav Kriya Image

Masik Puja

Book once and offer your puja every month