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Sri Etteluthu Perumal Ghosalai Online Puja

General Sevas

Spatikalinga AbhishekhamUtsav Kriya Image

Spatikalinga Abhishekham

Spatikalinga Abishegam and Vilva Archana is performed during Brahma Muhurtam in Spatikalinga Sannithi. ...show more

Weekly Annalinga puja

Utsav Kriya Image

Weekly Annalinga puja

Purohit will make a lingam with cooked food and then special Archana will be made to Annalingam followed by Annadhanam for 1000's of devotees. ...show more

Weekly Saturday Lord Hanuman PujaUtsav Kriya Image

Weekly Saturday Lord Hanuman Puja

Purohit will perform different Alangaram every saturday to Lord Hanuman with Butter, Sandal Powder, Sendhur Powder, Maa Powder followed by aaku puja, Betel leaf garland, Thulasi archana....show more

Pradhosa Puja Every Fortnight Utsav Kriya Image

Pradhosa Puja Every Fortnight

Pradhosa puja is (monthly twice ) performed to Nandhi in Lord Shphatika Lingam Sannathi and also abhishekam to Lord shiva with special Aarathi. It’s Auspicious time to offer prayer to lord Nandhi and thereby worship Lord Shiva, Pradhosa Vratam one will get rid of rebirth....show more

Pitru Dosa Niverthi HomamUtsav Kriya Image

Pitru Dosa Niverthi Homam

Pitru Dosa Niverthi Homam is performed on every Amavasya in the sacred Thamirabarani River. Purohit will perform sankalpam in Riverbed and Homam will be performed....show more

Vishnu Sahasranama ChantingUtsav Kriya Image

Vishnu Sahasranama Chanting

Vishnu Sahasranama Chanting with Tulsi Archana during Brahma Muhurta in Gaushala to Sri Mahadeva Gopala Krishnar. ...show more