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Baglamukhi Mandir - Puja to Remove Negativity

January 1, 2024

About Puja

Puja Process

  • Step 1
    Register with your Name, Gotra & Manokamna.
  • Step 2
    Get Video or Photo of your Puja from the temple.
  • Step 3
    Receive Blessing & Prasad at home.
  • Step 4
    Sharing the blessings with your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your payment include ?

1. The Booking amount includes the cost for Puja Samagri, Prasad, Dakshina for Pandit Ji, Packaging and Logistics Charges, Relevant Taxes & Platform fees.

Where is the Baglamukhi Mata Temple located?

The Bagalamukhi Temple, Nalkheda is situated on the banks of the Lakhundar River, a tributary of the Narmada River, in Nalkheda, a town in Madhya Pradesh's Agar Malwa district.

What is an unique feature of the Baglamukhi Mata Temple?

The Bagalamukhi triad, which places Lakshmi in the middle and places Saraswati between Lakshmi and Parvati as an aspect, is what makes the temple special.

Who established the Baglamukhi Mata Temple, Nalkheda?

Maharaja Yudhishthira built the Baglamukhi Mata Temple in Nalkheda at Lord Krishna's request in order to win the Mahabharata.

What happens after you book puja on Utsav?

After you book a puja on Utsav, you receive Confirmation on Utsav App & Whatsapp via your Registered Contact Number. You will get Updates with links once the puja is offered. You can track your Prasad Status in the App, Receive Prasad & Share Feedback.

Can we Trust Utsav App?

Team Utsav will get your puja done by Priests associated with the temple. Prasad is directly shipped from the Temple.

Are Online Pujas Helpful and Authentic?

Yes, the process of puja is exactly the same. Pandit ji performs the auspicious rituals with your Name and Gotra at the temple. Photos/ Videos are shared if permission is available. Thousands of People have booked and say that the pujas are equally helpful, auspicious, and beneficial.

What to write if you do not know your Gotra?

If you do not know your gotra, you can consider your gotra as Kashyap because Kashyap Rishi was such a sage whose children are found in every caste.

Help and Support

Helpline Number - 7439888677

Chat on Whatsapp

Puja Performed & Prasad Shipped By:

Suresh Sharma of Baglamukhi Temple Nalkheda
Nalkheda, Madhya Pradesh