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Jagannath Temple Online Puja - Rath Yatra Special

July 17, 2024

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Benefits of Puja

Family Prosperity
Family Prosperity
Bring positive energies and blessings for whole family🏡
Business Growth
Business Growth
Attracts financial prosperity for the overall growth of business
Financial Prosperity
Financial Prosperity
Attract wealth and blessings for overall financial well-being 💸

About Puja

Puja Process

  • Step 1
    Register with your Name, Gotra & Manokamna.
  • Step 2
    Get Video or Photo of your Puja from the temple.
  • Step 3
    Receive Blessing & Prasad at home.
  • Step 4
    Sharing the blessings with your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your payment include?

The Booking amount includes the cost for Puja Samagri, Prasad, Dakshina for Pandit Ji, Packaging and Logistics Charges, Relevant Taxes & Platform fees.

Are Online Pujas Helpful and Authentic?

Yes, the process of puja is exactly the same. Pandit ji performs the auspicious rituals with your Name and Gotra at the temple. Photos/ Videos are shared if permission is available. Thousands of People have booked and say that the pujas are equally helpful, auspicious, and beneficial.

Can we Trust Utsav App?

Team Utsav will get your puja done by Priests associated with the temple. Prasad is directly shipped from the Temple.

What to write if you do not know your Gotra?

If you do not know your gotra, you can consider your gotra as Kashyap because Kashyap Rishi was such a sage whose children are found in every caste.

What happens after you book puja on Utsav?

After you book a puja on Utsav, you receive Confirmation on Utsav App & Whatsapp on your Registered Contact Number. You will get Updates with links once the puja is offered. You can track your Prasad Status in the App, Receive Prasad & Share Feedback.

What should I offer Lord Jagannath?

Annabhog, Dal Khichri, Sweets like Gaja, Khaja & Malpua

How much time does it take for darshan in Puri?

It depends on the gathering. However on a regular day, it takes around 1 hour to visit the temple completely and offer Puja.

Is Jagannath temple open for darshan?

The temple is open throughout the year from 05:00 AM to 10:00 PM except from Snan Yatra to Ashar Amavasya (i.e 14 Days before Rath Yatra)

Is there an online booking for Jagannath Temple?

You can offer puja at Puri Jagannath Temple from Utsav's website/ app. Puja and Bhog with name and gotra is offered by pandas on your behalf. Receive your blessings and Prasad from any part of the country. You can also join our community to stay updated with the lastest news and facts.

How do you do puja in Puri Jagannath Temple?

You can offer puja at Puri Jagannath Temple from Utsav's website/ app. Puja and bhog with name and gotra is offered by pandas on your behalf. Receive your blessings and Prasad from any part of the country. If you can visit the temple physically, visit early in the morning. Pandas are there to help you and offer puja on your behalf. They will take you to the office where you can pay for the prasad and get your receipt.

How to contact Utsav Team or Temple for Special Puja or other requirements?

Utsav App is happy to take all your requests to the temple. You can call us at +918584871514 or mail at contact@utsavapp.in

What happed after I have booked my Puja?

On completion of your payment, you will immediately receive your payment receipt with Booking ID. Puja will be carried put at the temple with your Name & Gotra(if provided). If prasad is available for the Puja, it will be prepared and shipped to your Delivery address. Within 7 days you will have the entire Puja completed

How to Book an Puja with Utsav?

Click on the 'Book a Puja' button and Select one of the 'Puja Offerings'. Fill up the Name for whom the Puja should be offered and a contact number. Put your Gotra & you Address Details for Prasad delivery(if applicable). After complete the payment process and you will receive your payment receipt

What is the purpose of Utsav App?

Utsav App is India's largest Spiritual Network trusted by over 50,000 devotees and 1,200 Religous oragnisation. With Utsav you can stay connected with your places of worship, get daily Darshan and Book online Puja to get divine blessings.

Help and Support

Helpline Number - 7439888677

Chat on Whatsapp

Puja Performed & Prasad Shipped By:

Shri Ramesh Kumar Chouha of Jagannath Seva Mandir, Odisha
Jamadarpada, Odisha