Chaitra Navaratri Visesh Puja at 9 Shakti Temples image

Chaitra Navaratri Visesh Puja at 9 Shakti Temples

April 16, 2024
Chaitra Navaratri Visesh Puja


About Puja

Benefits of Puja

Relief from legal problems
Relief from legal problems
Brings positive outcomes in legal matters
Remove Black Magic
Remove Black Magic
Removes negative energy and restores overall well being
New Job / Promotion
New Job / Promotion
Contribute to favourable opportunities for career growth
Family Prosperity
Family Prosperity
Bring positive energies and blessings for whole family🏡
Business Growth
Business Growth
Attracts financial prosperity for the overall growth of business
Happy Marriage / Relationship
Happy Marriage / Relationship
Increase love & compatibility between couples for long-lasting relationship.

Puja Process

Step 1
Register with your Name, Gotra & Manokamna.
Step 2
Get Video or Photo of your Puja from the temple.
Step 3
Receive Blessing & Prasad at home.
Step 4
Sharing the blessings with your family.

Recently Puja Offered

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Help and Support

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